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Download YouTube videos, All in 1 click

Cinemartin MyVD is a Video Downloader currently supporting to download videos from YouTube, being the only one and world first to support resolutions up to 4K, H.265, Multi-threading and multiple downloads at the same time.
Download up to 1024 youtube videos at the same time, download single or entire playlists / video collections with a single click, simultaneously.
MyVD is also unique to bring the ability to convert the downloads to videos with only the 10% of the size provided by youtube, so with a compression of up to 90% being those files having almost the same quality.

There's no other video downloader with that features, and MyVD is free.
Download MyVD now for free

Videos at up to the 10% of size of original youtube format,
a compression of up to 90% with same quality, with MyVD

Put all your favorite clips into a Pendrive, a memory stick, a sd card, etc..

Out there there are several youtube video downloader, most of them claiming to be the best and the fastest, but from today, Cinemartin seat a new precedent. There's no one youtube downloader supporting 4K, H265, Multi-Downloads and Multi-Threading, What this mean ? simply, the best and the fastest YouTube video downloader, MyVD, from Cinemartin. Just examine the world first & unique features that differentiates the new video downloader from Cinemartin, currently supporting YouTube (other video platforms will be added in future upgrades).
  • 4K
  • Currently most youtube video downloader out there are limited to max 720p (1280x720 resolution), there are only 1 or 2 supporting 4K, MyVD supports 4K (UHD and DCI)
  • H.265
  • MyVD is the world first app to allow users to download the videos in both original youtube format as well as new H.265
    Featured H265 is able to encode videos to between a 10% and a 40% of its size with same or best quality. Say from 100MB to 30MB, from 520MB to 140MB, etc ..
  • Multi-Batch Processing
  • Inheriting the batch processing functionality of world most used transcode professional app (Cinec), MyVD features the ability to load/import ready to download, up to 1024 videos in a grid, each supporting different resolutions, so 1024*nResolutions.
  • Multi-Threading
  • This feature allows multiple videos to be retrieved, downloaded and converted at the same time.
  • Other great features
  • Automated functions, partially downloads, clipboard detection, etc ..

Simultaneously download as much as your CPU goes


YouTube allow users to create a collection of videos called playlist's, that allow the viewer to automatically play one clip after the each other. MyVD has a integrated feature to download all the videos from a youtube playlist, one after the other, or all simultaneously using multi-threading (as much simultaneously as your CPU support).

Get this youtube downloader for free

Try yourself, search & download all videos from youtube playlist's

Download a free copy of MyVD from: http://myvd.cinemartin.com/download/, install, run the app, and leave the app opened.
  • 1)Open your favorite internet browser, go to youtube.com and write to search say: nab 2015 panasonic
  • 2)Click on Filters and then click on Playlist, this will show only playlist results
  • 3)Click on the first result where the words "View full playlist (14 videos)", then once opened the youtube web playlist , click the internet browser on the URL website address and hit Ctrl + C (or right click with mouse and select Copy), so just copy:
  • 4)Get Back to MyVD, you'll see how the app retrieve and load all the clips
  • 5)Just make sure to select a valid output path (at the bottom of the app), and hit the Download All button Make sure to have the checkboxes of H.265 unchecked (later we'll explain why)

In a few minutes (or seconds!) you'll have all the videos downloaded at the maximum resolution available.
You can repeat the above process but clicking on "Convert all to H.265" to let the app convert the videos to H.265 once downloaded, but please be aware that H.265 conversion take too much time. So if you're trying to download more than a couple of videos it is better to first download all the videos (normal, in mp4 default youtube format, playable everywhere) and then before sleep, check the H.265 checkbox and leave the app running. Once converted to H.265 you'll be able to fit hundreds of videos in a single pendrive, memstick, micr-sd card, etc .. you'll be able to play H.265 videos on Android devices using HOID the HEVC H.265 video player from Cinemartin

Download videos at extremely small file sizes with almost same quality
HEVC is the video codec of the future, but its here since 2 years ago when Cinemartin first released a converter including support for H265 back in 2013. Now MyVD inherits the HEVC H265 transcoder/conversion engine

Check this boy playing Iron Maiden's Halloweed be thy name bass song in his new Fender Bass, yep, wait a moment, he is Alejandro, he's a Cinemartin Developer !, ok well, seems happy, look at this, the Full HD youtube video once downloaded at default youtube format have a size of 310MB, and the H.265 video file provided by MyVD weights only 35.2MB, that's almost a 10% only of the mp4 file provided by youtube and all the other youtube downloader!, and the quality is almost the same. Amazing, and true, just download any of the below sample videos or try it yourself.

1'53'' of the clip : Left picture original youtube video 310MB, Right picture H.265 video produced by MyVD 35MB.
You can download the samples or test yourself. (for H265 you need VLC 2.2+.) Right click and choose save as..

Check yourself with the MyVD free app, download, run, open our internet browser and go to:
Check the box H.265, and hit download, you'll have the video in youtube mp4 in about a minute, and after about 15 minutes you'll have the h265 version ("_h265.mp4" file), check the sizes and quality.

Other conversions ratios are amazing, range is from 40% to 10% of original size, so super small, and you can see on the above picture that the differences are inperceptible.

 Other great features

MyVD is georgeous due to its multi-threading capability to download and encode simultaneously several videos at the same time, but there's more..
MyVD allows you to get only specific part of videos, simple, say you like some video but you want only from minute 1 to minute 1 and 35 seconds (say to 1'35''), ok, simply click on the from and to cells and edit the values (in the format ss, mm:ss or hh:mm:ss)

"This may seat a new precedent for video and post production companies, as now can use YouTube as a free video storage, uploading the videos at the max resolution and then later using MyVD app to download them at anytime, anywhere, all the entire collection, in different resolutions, with just one simply click of a mouse" said Angelo Caravita from Cinemartin

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